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Specimen Tree Assessment

Many of our usual forestry and/or urban landscape tree services are extremely useful when planning a new development. Many professional individuals have input when planning a new subdivision or development. Surveyors and engineers have a recognized job to perform and so should the professional Forester.

William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. can visit the proposed site and conduct a simple tree "cruise". An accurate stand type map of the existing timber can be developed and incorporated into a GIS computer map system before the roads and lots are drawn. This forestry information can then be used for the initial layout which can save a lot of time and expense. Considerations can be given for the "specimen" trees which are referred to in some tree ordinances and environmental sensitive areas can be identified.

Individual homeowners can benefit from these services also. Specimen trees can be identified prior to your home construction and can then be protected during the building process. Many homeowners build beautiful structures around magnificent trees only to have the trees die at a later date from the construction damage.

Please contact William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. at (336) 632-9088 or whlock@whlock.com for more information on how our forestry services can benefit your development and/or homeowner needs.