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Timber Inventory and Evaluation

Timber inventory, or timber "cruising", is simply an estimation of the volumes of certain species of trees which are located within a particular area. The inventory can cover an entire parcel of land or a specific stand within a forest. The tree measurement process is conducted by sampling the existing timber and then statistically projecting the estimated volumes. Our professional Foresters evaluate the area and/or stands to be estimated and then define the sampling method which will provide the best estimate of volume. The methods generally used include a 1/10 th acre fixed plot, prism or point system, or a 100% tally. Remember that timber is estimated by the Board Foot and not by the acre. There are three different log rules that can be used and our professional Foresters can determine which is best for your timber.

The timber evaluation is determined by using our recent timber sale information and those estimated prices and the inventory information from the cruise. Different species demand different prices depending on a wide list of variables. Tract location, distance from the mills, topography, access, volumes per acre, and species composition are only a few of the variables that are examined when pricing a stand of timber.

We have been providing timber inventories and evaluations for over 35 years. Our Foresters can provide you with an accurate and unbiased report for all of your inventory and evaluation requirements. Please contact William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. at (336) 632-9088 or whlock@whlock.com and we can provide you with more information regarding your timber inventory and appraisal.