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Reforestation and Cost-Share Assistance

Reforestation involves the examination of the site after the harvest is complete and then the preparation of a Forest Reforestation Plan. This plan will provide the recommendations necessary for the establishment of the new forest. The recommendations will take into account the landowner's future goals and the site productivity.

Site preparation requirements (burning, pushing, piling, herbicide spray), species suggestions, spacing requirements, and time for planting are all included in the Reforestation Plan. William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. can prepare the Plan and arrange for the contractors to perform the necessary work to establish the new stand of trees.

We suggest planting only genetically superior trees for maximum growth potential. We check on the planting crews to evaluate the actual planting and overall job quality.

Some landowners are eligible for cost-share assistance through various government programs. These programs pay the landowner a portion of the total cost for the establishment of new stands. William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. can assist in the preparation of the necessary paperwork for the application to these various programs.

Please contact William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. at (336) 632-9088 or whlock@whlock.com for more information on reforestation or cost-share assistance programs.