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Forest Management Plans

A properly prepared forest management plan should provide guidance for many years to come. William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. sits down with you and helps in the identification of your goals and objectives, both short and long term. The plan then incorporates information from your property - timber features (age, species, growth), soils, topography, tract location into a comprehensive report and outline for management. The plan can be as simple or as comprehensive as your objectives demand. Flexibility for future decision making should always be considered.

According to the guidelines presented on the Present Use Value application for sound forest management, a properly written plan should include:

  1. Management and Landowner objective statement - Long range and short range objectives of owner(s).
  2. Location - Includes a map or aerial photograph that locates the property described and also delineates each stand referenced in the description/inventory/recommendations section.
  3. Forest stand description/inventory/recommendations should include a detailed description of various stands within the forestry unit. Each stand description should detail the acreage, species, age, size, conditions, topography, soils and site index or productivity information. Stand-specific forest management practices needed to sustain productivity, health, and vigor must be included with proposed timetable for implementation.
  4. Regeneration/harvest methods and dates - for each stand, establish a target timetable for harvest of crop trees, specifying the type of regeneration/harvest.
  5. Regeneration technique - should include a sound proposed regeneration plan for each stand when harvest of final crop trees is completed. Specify intent to naturally regenerate or plant trees.

We also specialize in the preparation of Conservation Activity Plans thru the Natural Resource Conservation Service on the Federal and local level. As qualified Technical Service Providers (TSP's), we have several years of experience with these plans and many satisfied landowners. Currently, we are able to produce a comprehensive Forest Management Plan at little or no cost to the landowner once they have been qualifed and accepted within the NRCS program.

Contact William H. Lock & Associates, Inc. at (336) 632-9088 or whlock@whlock.com for information related to the preparation of a Forest Management Plan.